Knitted Boards Binding ( coursecode: KBB-01-22)

25 t/m 27 February 2022

A new binding in our programm, with a tutorial made on initiative of Bookbinding out of the box.

The cover is made in a textile technique we see in our clothes everyday but in this case it got a new life as bookcover.

By using this material and this technique I create an open structure that, together with the visible spine, makes a good match.

Cover and sewing supports are made of the same material, the power lies in the restriction.

For lovers of a new Out of the box binding structure.

NB: during this workshop all Tutorials by Bookbinding out of the box will be available with discount.

date:   Friday 25, Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 February 2022
time:   10.00-16.00 uur
costs:   € 350,- incl. coffee/tea, lunch, excl. materials & tutorial
number of participants:   zes
teacher:   Marja Wilgenkamp
language:   Dutch, English no problem



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