The Pleated hinge ( coursecode: PH-01-21)

Friday 15 t/m Sunday 17 January 2021

The Pleated hinge is a glueless structure which is sewn on vellum tapes.
Prefectly fit as a conservation binding but also appropriate for all books where you don't want or can't use glue.

In this workshop we will make at least two books: one with a flexible cover and one with a hard cover.
This binding invites you to make your own variations.

date:   Friday 15, Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 January 2021
time:   10.00-16.00h
costs:   € 325,- incl. coffee/tea, lunch & materials
number of participants:   six
location:   Bindery Wilgenkamp, Blokker, The Netherlands
teacher:   Marja Wilgenkamp
language:   Dutch, English no problem

Pictures of two flexible books in vellum and paper and the same structure with hard cover made in vellum and paper.




© Marja Wilgenkamp 2018