Stub Binding (coursecode: SB-01-22)

Thursday 17 & Saturday 19 November 2022

A book sewn on stubs has many benefits.
It has a nice and flat opening, is a ideal solution for texts printed with the wrong grain direction, gives you the opportunity to play with colour and form in the stub itself,
the use of different sized sections within one binding or even altering text-to-cover ratio, the answer to rounding and backing very thick sections,
its adaptability for use with all binding structures, adding a single section is no problem anymore, good for conservation purposes and it is very deceorative.

It's an intensive and very exciting way of working and so beautiful….

The first two days students will learn several variations and the many applications and the refinement for stub binding.
You will go home with a lot of models with different ways of sewing on stubs. Beauty is in the detail. 
On day three we will make my ‘Cannelure book’. Several structures are combined here in a surprising Stub binding.

The pictures below show a few ways of using stubs.
Combination with a longstitch, with a Dos Rapporté (a structure developped by Benjamin Elbel), my 'Cannelurebook' and an artist book.

date:   Thursday 17 t/m Saturday 19 November 2022
time:   10.00- 16.30h
costs:   € 350,- incl. coffee/tea, materials & lunch
number of participants:   six
location:   Bindery Wilgenkamp, Hoorn, The Netherlands
teacher:   Marja Wilgenkamp
language:   Dutch, English if needed


Some examples of what you can do with Stub bindings.


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