Bookbindery Wilgenkamp

We are a artisanal bookbindery, established in Blokker, city of Hoorn in the Netherlands, since 1997. We bind one of a kind books or small editions for special occasions, thesis and graduation books, familybooks, collector books etc. We teach in our own bindery for anyone who wants to learn this beautiful and fascinating craft.

Binding classes

We organise courses and workhops for beginners and experienced binders in groups of max. eight people, so there is enough attention for everyone.
You can ask us to be your guest teacher for a workshop on location for (graphic art)/artschools, companies, organisations and private groups with a tailor made content in your own workspace..
Since September 2011 we organise masterclasses with international well known and respected guest teachers. See the binding classes agenda.
We are Certified Elbel Libro Instructor.
The 'Bookbinding out of the box' binding structures by Benjamin Elbel will be a regular part of our workshop program starting in 2018.

If you want to enroll please send your name, adres, phonenumber and mailadres plus the course code you want to enroll for.
We always use a waitinglist for lessons that are sold out in case someone has to cancel.
So don't hesitate to enroll for the waitinglist.

At the moment we have some problems with our English website. The information on the Dutch site is ok but if you want to be sure the information is right, please contact us. We are trying to solve the problems the coming weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Bookbinding is a modern craft that is still in development and we have a lot of opportunities to bind your book into a unique and handmade product.
The design, the color, the materials and the binding are determinative for the result.
If needed we can advise and help you choose the materiales and binding.
We only use materials of good quality so your book can last a lifetime.
We can also produce a box, slipcase or another form of (flexible) book or document protection.


If you are planning to print your own familybook, poems, thesis or dissertation, please contact the bookbinder first!
We are happy to provide you with advice for the binding before you go to the printer yourself.
After printing we love to bind your book.
If needed we have a graphical designer available who can do the layout of your book and make it ready for printing if you are not able to do so.

Meet & Greet

During masterclasses we organise, if possible, a Meet & Greet moment with the guest teacher.
These Meet & Greets are free for everyone who is interested in books and paper and are organised in cooperation with Elbel Libro in Amsterdam.
You will be informed by our website and our newsletter.

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